Name of Computer Keyboard Symbol and Special Characters

There are many types of keys in computer keyboard like alphanumeric, numeric keys, arrow keys. Similarly, there are keys with some special characters in the keyboard, which we also call symbols.

You might have used many other symbols like %, $, #, & while typing but you might not know their name. So in this article I am going to tell you the names of all the symbols given in the keyboard.

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Names of all symbols and special characters on the keyboard

Symbol Name
~ Tilde
` Backtick
! Exclamation Mark
@ At
# Hash
$ Dollar
% Percent
^ Carat
& Ampersand
* Asterisk
( Open Round Bracket
) Close Round Bracket
_ Underscore
- Hyphen
+ Plus
= Equal
{ Open Curly Bracket
} Closed Curly Bracket
[ Open Big Bracket
] Close Big Bracket
| Vertical Bar
\ Back slash
/ Forward slash
? Question Mark
< Less Than
> Greater Than
, Comma
. Dot
: Colon
; Semi-colon
" Double quotes
' Apostrophe

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