LM Skills Academy is an online learning platform where you get knowledge on how to use computer, smartphone, internet and also get tips to enhance your career.

The use of technology in our lives has increased so much that we have become very dependent on these technical devices. Nowadays people look at mobile phones instead of watches to see the time. If someone wants to give a message to his brothers and sisters, he does not call them, he sends them messages through WhatsApp.

Because of so much use of technology, it has become necessary that we all must have basic knowledge of how to use computer, mobile and internet properly. And LM Skills Academy has also been started with the same objective that everyone in the country should know how to use computer, mobile and internet to do their basic work.

Do you want to learn? Connect your phone or computer to the internet and learn online. Anytime! Anywhere!

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If you are interested in learning by watching videos, you can visit our YouTube channel - LM Skills Academy. Please note, we upload all videos in Hindi audio language.

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