Use of @ symbol in Email and Social Media

If you have an email ID or have seen someone's email ID, then you must have seen that every email ID has the @ symbol. And nowadays @ is also used extensively on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Let us now understand what is the significance of @ symbol in email ID and social media and how to use it.

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Use of @ symbol in Email ID

An email ID has three components – the user's name, the @ symbol, and the domain address of the email client. Whether you create an email ID on Gmail, Yahoo or any email service provider, you cannot put the @ symbol in the user name while creating the email ID.

In each email address, the user's name appears to the left of the @ and the email client's name appears to the right. If you want to know which email client your email ID was created with, look to the right of @. In the above picture, is written on the right side of @, which means that this email ID is created on Gmail.

Use of @ symbol in Social Media

By using @ symbol in social media, you can tag the social media account of any person or company. By doing this, your message is shared directly with that person or company and your message is shared with all the people who follow that person or company.

You can tag any channel on YouTube. You can tag any Page or personal account on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to tagging, you can also use the @ symbol to search for someone's social media account.


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