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Cyber Security Important Tips

You must have heard about the crime happening on the Internet. Like - someone hacked someone's Facebook account, someone withdrew money from someone's bank account, someone sent virus through email. Avoiding and saving from crimes that happen through this type of internet is called cyber security. Content 1 What is Cyber Security? 2 Why is Cyber Security important? 3 Cyber Security Tips What is Cyber Security? Cyber security means protecting internet-enabled devices from being hacked. Nowadays, we have started doing so much work through the internet that if the internet is not working in our computer and smartphone, then we find the computer and smartphone useless. Why is Cyber Security important? Have you ever thought that someone can see your mobile phone data through internet? Probably not. But it is true that such a person who is not sitting near us, still through internet he can check what we are doing on our phone and can also see the photos and videos of our phone

How to Turn OFF WhatsApp Message Notification Previews

When someone sends a messages on our WhatsApp number, a preview of the message notification comes on the screen of our phone. Because of this, we can read the message without opening WhatsApp and also know who has sent the message. But because of such notifications, anyone else can read our messages without even opening our phone. Would you like someone else to read your messages? No! In this article, I'm sharing a way by which you can turn off the notification previews of incoming messages on WhatsApp. Steps to Turn OFF WhatsApp Notification Previews 1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings 2. Now, go to Notifications 3. Under Notifications, you've to turn off the sliders for ' Use high priority notifications ' and ' Reaction Notifications ' Now if someone messages on your WhatsApp number, then its notification preview will not show up on your phone.

How to Use PowerPoint to Record your Computer Screen

Do you know that you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to record your computer screen? Yes, you read it correct! Till now you must have used Microsoft PowerPoint only for making presentation slides . But today I am going to tell you that you can easily record your computer screen with this software and save it in video format. Steps to record computer screen using PowerPoint 1. Open PowerPoint and go to the Record tab and then, click on the Screen Recording command 2. You should now see the recording tool at the top-center of the desktop screen. If you do not want to record audio, do not select the Audio button 3. To activate the Record button, first click on the Select Area button and use the mouse to select the area of the screen you want to record 4. Screen recording will start as soon as you click on the Record button and the recording tools will go hidden. To stop recording, you have to move the mouse to the top-center of the screen and then, you will see the Pause and Stop buttons. 5.

List of 100 Full Forms in Computer

100 Full Forms in Computer 1 3D Three Dimensional 2 AAC Advanced Audio Codec 3 AI Artificial Intelligence 4 ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit 5 API Application Programming Interface 6 AR Augmented Reality 7 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange 8 CC Creative Commons 9 CD Compact Disk 10 CPU Central Processing Unit 11 CSV Comma Separated Values 12 CU Control Unit 13 DBMS Database Management System 14 DLL Data Link Layer 15 DOS Disk Operating System 16 DPI Dots Per Inch 17 DVD Digital Versatile Disk / Digital Video Disk 18 EB Exabyte 19 ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer 20 FOSS Free and Open Source Software 21 GB Gigabyte 22 GCD Greatest Common Divisor 23 GHz Gigahertz 24 GIS Geographical Information System 25 GPL General Public License 26 GPT GUID Partition Table 27 GPU Graphics Processing Unit 28 GUI Graphical user Interface 29 GUID Globally Un

What is ChatGPT? How to use Chat GPT?

If your work is to write content on a topic, answer questions, etc., then ChatGPT can prove to be very beneficial for you. Many people also believe that this chatbot can beat even Google in the coming times. What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot type of software that allows you to chat online with it. This chatbot is based on the concept of artificial intelligence where you talk to a software just like you talk to a real human being. To understand the use of ChatGPT, you can watch our video or read this article completely. How to use ChatGPT? To use ChatGPT, you have to go to the website and click on the Login button. If you have an OpenAI account, you can login with its details. If you do not have an OpenAI account, you can create a new account by clicking on the Sign Up button. You can also login with your Google and Microsoft account. It will also ask for your name and mobile number while logging in. After confirming the OTP of the mobile number, you will see the da

Best 5 Websites to search Indian Govt Jobs Online

How many websites do you know to find government jobs in India? In this article, I am going to tell you the names of five such websites from where you can find information about government jobs online. List of Best Five Websites to search Indian Govt Jobs Online 1. Employment News Employment News is a leading magazine published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This magazine is published once a week and publishes updates about government jobs only. Most of the websites which post about government jobs also get updates from this magazine. 2. National Career Service (NCS) NCS was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 and the Ministry of Labor and Employment administers the initiative. The objective of this career service is to provide a common digital platform to the youth from where employment opportunities can be provided to them. Instead of registering in different employment exchanges, youth can register for employment on NCS. 3. National Institute for Smart

10 Steps to Download Axis Bank Account Statement using Axis Mobile app

If you are a customer of Axis Bank, then you can easily download your bank account statement on your phone using Axis Mobile app. Steps to Download Axis Bank Account Statement on your phone Once you have installed Axis Mobile App in your mobile, you have to follow the steps given below - 1. Download and Install Axis Mobile app on your phone 2. Open and Login to the Axis Mobile app on your phone 3. Tap on 'TOTAL ACCOUNT BALANCE' 4. Now, you'll see three buttons at the bottom side - VIEW VIRTUAL CARD, VIEW STATEMENT and EMAIL STATEMENT 5. Tap on EMAIL STATEMENT button and you'll see Request Statement window 6. For last month statement select Last Month, for last three months statement select Last 3 months, for last 6 months statement select Last 6 months 7. If you want, you can also select the date by yourself 8. Confirm your email ID 9. To download the statement on your phone, tap DOWNLOAD STATEMENT button 10. To receive the statement on your email ID, tap EMAIL STATEM

Bank PO Career in India

A bank has many functions like depositing money, giving loans, keeping customers' money safe etc. But do you know who manages these tasks in the bank? Bank PO's job is to manage all these tasks. Content 1. What is Bank PO? 2. Work 3. Salary 4. How to become a Bank PO What is Bank PO? Bank PO is a Scale-I level officer in a bank. And the full form of Bank PO is Bank Probationary Officer. If you want to start your career in the bank at the management level, then you can start from the post of Bank PO. Work of a Bank PO The main job of a Bank PO is to provide loans to the customers. However, he can also do other banking work related to ATM card, passbook, finance, savings account, salary account etc. Salary of a Bank PO If you become PO in any participating bank under IBPS, then your basic salary will be Rs.36000 per month. You will also get HRA, DA and other types of allowances. The total salary you will get will be around Rs 52000 per month. How to become a Bank PO To be