List of 100 Full Forms in Computer

100 Full Forms in Computer

1 3D Three Dimensional

2 AAC Advanced Audio Codec

3 AI Artificial Intelligence

4 ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit

5 API Application Programming Interface

6 AR Augmented Reality

7 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

8 CC Creative Commons

9 CD Compact Disk

10 CPU Central Processing Unit

11 CSV Comma Separated Values

12 CU Control Unit

13 DBMS Database Management System

14 DLL Data Link Layer

15 DOS Disk Operating System

16 DPI Dots Per Inch

17 DVD Digital Versatile Disk / Digital Video Disk

18 EB Exabyte

19 ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

20 FOSS Free and Open Source Software

21 GB Gigabyte

22 GCD Greatest Common Divisor

23 GHz Gigahertz

24 GIS Geographical Information System

25 GPL General Public License

26 GPT GUID Partition Table

27 GPU Graphics Processing Unit

28 GUI Graphical user Interface

29 GUID Globally Unique Identifier

30 HCI Human Computer Interaction

31 HDD Hard Disk Drive

32 HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface

33 HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

34 HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

35 Hz Hertz

36 I/O Input/Output

37 IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

38 IC Integrated Circuits

39 IDLE Integrated Development and Learning Environment

40 Indian IT Act Indian Information Technology Act

41 IoT Internet of Things

42 IP Internet Protocol

43 IPR Intellectual Property Rights

44 ISCII Indian Script Code for Information Interchange

45 ISP Internet Service Provider

46 JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

47 KB Kilobyte

48 KHz Kilohertz

49 LAN Local Area Network

50 LCD Liquid Crystal Display

51 LSI Large Scale Integration

52 MAC Media Access Control

53 MAN Metropolitan Area Network

54 MATLAB Matrix Laboratory

55 MB Megabyte

56 MBR Master Boot Record

57 MIS Management Information System

58 MOV Metal Oxide Varistor

59 MPEG Moving Pictures Experts Group

60 NLP Natural Language Processing

61 NTFS New Technology File System

62 OOP Object Oriented Programming

63 OS Operating System

64 PaaS Platform as a Service

65 PAN Personal Area Network

66 PB Petabyte

67 PC Personal Computer

68 PDF Portable Document Format

69 PLC Programmable Logic Controller

70 PNG Portable Network Graphics

71 PSD Photoshop Document

72 RAM Random Access Memory

73 RGB Red, Green and Blue

74 ROM Read Only Memory

75 SaaS Software as a Service

76 SAP Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing

77 SIS Security and Intelligence Services

78 SLSI Super Large Scale Integration

79 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

80 SQL Set Query Language

81 SSD Solid State Drive

82 SSH Secure Shell

83 SSL Secure Sockets Layer

84 TB Terabyte

85 TCP Transmission Control Protocol

86 TIFF Tag Image File Format

87 TPM Trusted Platform Module

88 UAC User Account Control

89 UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

90 USB Universal Serial Bus

91 VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

92 VLSI Very Large Scale Integration

93 VM Virtual Machine

94 VR Virtual Reality

95 WAN Wide Area Network

96 WebP Web Picture

97 WoT Web of Things

98 WWW World Wide Web

99 YB Yottabyte

100 ZB Zettabyte


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