10 Steps to Download Axis Bank Account Statement using Axis Mobile app

If you are a customer of Axis Bank, then you can easily download your bank account statement on your phone using Axis Mobile app.

Steps to Download Axis Bank Account Statement on your phone

Once you have installed Axis Mobile App in your mobile, you have to follow the steps given below -

1. Download and Install Axis Mobile app on your phone
2. Open and Login to the Axis Mobile app on your phone
4. Now, you'll see three buttons at the bottom side - VIEW VIRTUAL CARD, VIEW STATEMENT and EMAIL STATEMENT

click EMAIL STATEMENT button

5. Tap on EMAIL STATEMENT button and you'll see Request Statement window

Request Statement window

6. For last month statement select Last Month, for last three months statement select Last 3 months, for last 6 months statement select Last 6 months
7. If you want, you can also select the date by yourself
8. Confirm your email ID
9. To download the statement on your phone, tap DOWNLOAD STATEMENT button
10. To receive the statement on your email ID, tap EMAIL STATEMENT button


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