Difference between Google Search and Google Chrome

If you use an Android phone and search something on the Internet, then after opening Google Chrome, you will be searching on Google's page. And you will be surprised to know that Google Chrome and Google Search are two different products developed by Google.

In this article, I am going to tell you what is the difference between Google Chrome and Google Search.

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What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is an Internet browser that is used to visit any website on the Internet and search for information. This is an app that you have to install on your computer or mobile phone to use it.

If you have an Android mobile phone, then Google Chrome is already installed in your phone, you do not need to install it separately.

What is Google Search?

Google Search is a search engine and by visiting its website you can search any kind of information online. It is an online application and to access it you can visit its website from any web browser. 

Difference between Google Chrome and Google Search

Google ChromeGoogle Search
Google Chrome is an internet browser.Google Search is a search engine.
Google Chrome is a desktop and mobile app.Google Search is an online app.
Google Chrome has to be installed in computer and mobile.Google Search does not need to be installed.
The default search engine of Google Chrome is Google Search.You can make Google Search the default search engine of an Internet browser on your computer and mobile phone.
Google Chrome has an address bar to type the website address.There is a search box on Google Search, in which you can type any word and search related information.


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