Brave - The Private Internet Browser

When you visit a website or search for any information on a web browser like Google Chrome, such browsers save the history of your activities without asking you. And advertising companies use your data to show you ads. I know you also wouldn't want someone to use your data like this without your permission. That is why in this article I am telling you about Brave browser so that you feel safe when you search information online or visit any website.

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What is Brave browser?

Brave browser is a web browser developed by Brave Software Company. This browser protects your privacy and automatically blocks the ads you see online.
Brave also gives you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. If you want to watch ads in the Brave browser, you earn cryptocurrency in the form of BAT.

Features of Brave browser


When you visit a website or search for information on the Brave browser, Brave only saves its history on the device. Your browsing data does not go to Brave's servers and is not available to any third party company.

Brave Shields

Brave Browser block website trackers and ads with Brave Shield. By doing this your data remains safe and Brave browser also runs faster.

Brave Talk

Brave Talk is already present in Brave Browser and with its help you can talk to anyone through online video calling. You don't even need to create an account to use Brave Talk.

Brave Rewards

Through Brave Rewards, you can share your BAT cryptocurrency with websites and content creators.

Private Index

Brave shows you search results from its private index database. It does not use Google's search index. However, Brave also gives you the option to use Google Search.


Who created Brave browser?

Brave Browser is created by Brave Software company.

Is Brave Browser safe?

Yes, Brave browser already blocks website trackers and ads and does not save browsing history on Brave servers. Saves browsing data only on your device. By doing this, third party apps do not get data about your browsing history.

Can I download Brave Browser on mobile?

Yes, Brave browser can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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