Steps to Save your PPT to PDF using Microsoft PowerPoint

To save a file created in PowerPoint as PDF, you do not need to install any additional software. You can do this work from PowerPoint only.

Need to save a PPT to PDF

If we are making a presentation then we do not need to save it in PDF, we should save the presentation in PPT format only. But some work like – we created a resume in PowerPoint, wrote an e-book, we can save it in PDF and share it with others.

click Save As, click Browse, select PDF

To save a PowerPoint file as PDF

1. First of all, open the PowerPoint presentation on your computer and click on the File tab.
2. Now, click on Save As and then click on Browse button
3. Next, in the Save As window, click the Save as type drop-down menu and select PDF (*.pdf) from the list.
4. Doing this will add .pdf to the file name.

.pdf added to the filename

5. Now click on Save button to save the file as PDF, the file will be saved.


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