What is Vivaldi web browser?

While using the internet, we are always worried about how secure our data is and keeping a user's privacy in mind, a browser has been created whose name is - Vivaldi.

What is Vivaldi web browser?

Vivaldi web browser is created by a company named Vivaldi Technologies. You can install this browser on your computer as well as your mobile phone.

Special Features

Sync data between computer and any other device

If you have created an account in Vivaldi, you can easily sync the data between your computer and mobile or any other device. By doing this, if you have opened any website in Vivaldi browser on your computer, then you will see the same website open in Vivaldi browser on your phone.

Write Notes within the browser

In this browser you will see a separate icon of Notes, through which you can write your notes while reading something or watching a video on the browser itself.

Screenshot button

Inside the Vivaldi browser, you will also see a button to take a screenshot, with this you can take a screenshot of any website.

Pre-installed search engines

It already has search engine add-ons like DuckDuckGo, Bing, Wikipedia so that you do not have to install them separately and can search information on the internet using any search engine.

Translate website from Address Bar

You can translate any website into another language right from the address bar.

How to install Vivaldi on Windows 10/11

1. First of all you go to Vivaldi's website
2. Click Download Vivaldi button.

click Download Vivaldi button

3. After this, its setup file will be downloaded to your computer.
4. Now open the downloaded setup file and click on Accept and Install button.
5. Vivaldi browser will be installed on your computer in a moment.


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