Find the nearest Covid Vaccine and Test Center on Google Maps

Google Maps has recently added features to locate Covid vaccine and test centers. The speed with which the coronavirus is increasing, it is very important that we all pay attention to our health. If you feel such symptoms that you may have corona, then soon go to your nearest Covid test center and get yourself tested.

You can find out on Google Maps app on your mobile phone that where is the vaccine and test center for covid?

How to find Covid vaccine centre?

1. First turn on the location of the mobile phone and then open the Google Maps app

tap on Search box in Google Maps

2. Search by typing 'covid vaccination near me' or 'covid vaccine centers near me' in the search box
3. You will see a list in which you can see where you have covid vaccine centers and what are the timings to go there.

you will see a list of covid vaccine centres

How to find Covid test centre?

It is also easy to locate the Covid testing center. On Google Maps, you can search by typing 'covid test near me' in the search box and you will see the list of all the nearby test centers.

search 'covid test near me'

For information about Covid infection, you can talk by calling the free helpline number 1075 and 011-239 78046 issued by the Government of India.


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