What should you buy? Antivirus or Internet Security

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Antivirus provides basic protection to your computer. Its features include anti-virus scans for your software and files, activity monitoring, vulnerability discovery, and internet traffic control. It does not include features like firewall, webcam protection, secure funds, etc.

Internet Security

Internet Security has more features than Antivirus:

  • Firewall
  • Anti spam
  • Anti banner
  • Webcam protection
  • Private browsing
  • Parental controls
  • Trusted Application Mode
  • Secure keyboard
  • Safe money
  • Application control
  • Network attack blocker
  • System change control

Features of Internet Security


A firewall enables secure access to both your local network and the World Wide Web. You can set rules for a program or network port (such as restricting Internet access for a particular program or blocking a particular port).

Anti - Spam

It checks all inbound and outbound emails. All suspicious emails are filtered into the spam folder.

Webcam Protection

This feature notifies users any time a webcam is enabled on their computer and prevents spies from secretly using it.

Private Browsing

When you surf the web, various tracking algorithms are used to identify users' preferences and display advertisements related to specific companies online. Anti-tracking features prevent advertisers or web analytics systems from tracking your browser settings and the pages you visit.

Parental Control

This helps limit your child's access to certain software and games, as well as certain web site categories and social media contacts.

Trusted Applications Mode

This mode allows the user to run only trusted software. All new programs are checked against the list of trusted software. In this mode, no software can be run which is not included in the list.

Secure Keyboard

This feature protects users from keyloggers any time they input data into online forms. You can enable protection for selected Web sites and data categories and use the on-screen keyboard to type data.

Safe Money

This capability helps keep your online banking and credit card data secure. Make sure to use this feature for a secure web banking and online payment experience.

Application Control

This component establishes rules-based controls over software that has access to personal data.

Network Attack Blocker

This feature protects your computer from malicious network activity and cyber attacks.

System Changes Control

This capability protects your operating system parameters, network and browsers from unauthorized changes.

What should you buy for your computer – Antivirus or Internet Security?

If you do not use the internet much then you can buy antivirus from any popular company like Kaspersky, AVG, Quick Heal etc. If you work a lot on the Internet then you should buy Internet security software.


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