How to search your name and polling station in voters list

Election Commission of India has made it very easy for people to check their name for voting. Now, people of India can check their name in voter list and polling booth online.

Merely having a Voter ID does not make you eligible to vote in India. Your name should also be in the voter list.

To check your name and polling station in the voters list, you have to visit this website -

Electoral Poll main page

You can search your name in the voters list in two ways:

  1. Search by Details
  2. ID card no. Search by / Search by EPIC No.

Search by Details

In this method you have to fill details like your name, father/husband's name, age/date of birth, gender, state. After this type the captcha code in the captcha text box and click on the search button.

Search by EPIC No.

In this method you will have to enter your 10 digit EPIC number. You can check your EPIC number in your Voter ID card. After this type the code in the Captcha text box and click on the search button.

If your details match the voter list database, you will see your name along with the polling station.


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