Want to work for Apple? Follow these steps to apply for a Job or Internship at Apple

If you want to work for Apple company, then you can check the job opportunities given on the official website of Apple. In this article, you will learn how to search for available jobs at Apple company and how to apply for a job.

Steps to apply for a job at Apple

First of all go to Apple's official website https://www.apple.com/in/. At the end of the page you will see a lot of links. You have to click on Career Opportunities link.

Career Opportunities link at Apple homepage

Now you will reach the 'Careers at Apple' webpage where you will see a Search button.

Careers at Apple webpage

Click on the search button and you will see a page where you will see a search box. In this search box, you can type the job role you are looking for and press Enter key to get the list of available jobs as per your interest.

list of jobs in Apple India

You will also see that the website is showing the list of available jobs according to the name of your country.

Search jobs by Location

To find available jobs according to your location, you can click on Location on the left and type the name of your country or city. Suppose we want to search jobs for Brazil, then we have to type Brazil in the location search box and we will see Brazil in the Suggested Locations list.

search country name

When you select your country name in the list, you will see the list of jobs according to your country name. In this post, we can see the list of jobs for Brazil and India.

available jobs at Apple India and Brazil

Search jobs by Teams

On Apple's website, you can also find a list of jobs available across different Teams like machine learning and AI, marketing, software, and services. To search for jobs through Teams, click Teams and then click 'View all teams'.

View all teams

You will see a list of Teams available in Apple company. Here, you need to expand the team name to see the subcategories under it. If you are a student, you can expand the Students team in related sub-categories.

Apple Teams

After selecting the team of your choice, click on the 'Apply Filters' button and you will see a list of matching available jobs. If there are no matches, you won't see any jobs listed.

If you want to apply for any job from the list of available jobs, then you will have to click on the job profile. For this post I have clicked on Backend Engineer.

select job profile

How to submit your CV

In the next page you will see detailed job description about the job profile. You can read about the required qualifications and skills. You will also see the Submit CV button. You will need your Apple ID to submit your CV.

To submit your CV, click the CV button and login with your Apple ID.

After login, Apple will show you a 'Candidate Privacy Policy and Consent' page. You should read the terms and conditions here.

Candidate Privacy Policy and Consent page

At the end of the Consent page, you have to click on the 'Accept and Continue' button and you will see the following page on the screen.

upload your CV

As you can see in the page, you can attach your CV in PDF, Microsoft Word, Pages, RTF or TXT file format. You can also copy and paste your CV by clicking on the 'Paste Text' link.

You can also link your LinkedIn profile to the job you are applying for. After adding your profile, you can add a cover letter, portfolio link, letter of recommendation, and other documents you can provide in support of your job application.

After adding your details, click on the 'Continue' button and follow the next instructions.

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