Computer Fundamentals

In today's time, the use of computer has increased so much that if you go to work in any industry, you will definitely need a computer. You go to a shopping mall, medical store, bank or anywhere, you will see people working on computers everywhere. Even in school and college you will see the use of computer. Even if you do not work in any company, you should know how to use computer for your work also.

Let us now understand the fundamental topics related to computer properly.

Computer Fundamentals Topics:

  1. What is a computer? What are the functions, language and types of computer?
  2. What is a computer device? Types of computer device
  3. Computer keyboard and types of keys
  4. Names of Symbols and Special characters in a computer keyboard
  5. What is a storage device? Types of storage device
  6. What is software? Types of software
  7. What is the difference between Antivirus and Internet Security?
  8. What is the difference between Windows and Mac operating systems?
  9. Cyber ​​security
  10. Use of @ symbol in Social Media and Internet
  11. Difference between Google Chrome and Google Search
  12. 5G network
  13. List of 100 full forms in computer

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