How to Turn OFF WhatsApp Message Notification Previews

When someone sends a messages on our WhatsApp number, a preview of the message notification comes on the screen of our phone. Because of this, we can read the message without opening WhatsApp and also know who has sent the message.

But because of such notifications, anyone else can read our messages without even opening our phone. Would you like someone else to read your messages? No!

In this article, I'm sharing a way by which you can turn off the notification previews of incoming messages on WhatsApp.

Steps to Turn OFF WhatsApp Notification Previews

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

2. Now, go to Notifications

Under Whatsapp Settings, click Notifications

3. Under Notifications, you've to turn off the sliders for 'Use high priority notifications' and 'Reaction Notifications'

turn off High priority notifications and Reaction notifications

Now if someone messages on your WhatsApp number, then its notification preview will not show up on your phone.


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