Cyber Security Important Tips

You must have heard about the crime happening on the Internet. Like - someone hacked someone's Facebook account, someone withdrew money from someone's bank account, someone sent virus through email. Avoiding and saving from crimes that happen through this type of internet is called cyber security.

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security means protecting internet-enabled devices from being hacked. Nowadays, we have started doing so much work through the internet that if the internet is not working in our computer and smartphone, then we find the computer and smartphone useless.

Why is Cyber Security important?

Have you ever thought that someone can see your mobile phone data through internet? Probably not. But it is true that such a person who is not sitting near us, still through internet he can check what we are doing on our phone and can also see the photos and videos of our phone.

Nowadays we use internet for many of our works. Like - online studies, online banking, online payment, online meeting, saving photos and videos on online drive. If we have to talk to our family members or friends too, then we use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Now you think that if someone hacks our phone then what kind of bad things he can do with our personal data. That's why it is important that we keep our data safe and for this we have to take care of many things related to cyber security so that our personal data does not go to any person who may harm us.

Cyber Security Tips

Follow these cyber security tips to keep your data safe online -
  1. Change password every two months
  2. Change your password immediately if you suspect that someone has found your password.
  3. If you have a Google account, do a password check-up and security check-up by visiting and
  4. Do not share your password with anyone
  5. Use letters, numbers and special characters to create a strong password
  6. Do not keep passwords like your date of birth, date of marriage anniversary, area pin code, mobile number which can be easily guessed by others
  7. Have a different password for each email account
  8. Before opening any link, verify its URL that it will not install any virus.
  9. Enter your personal data only on a website that starts with HTTPS
  10. If you have logged into your account from someone else's computer or phone, then logout from your account when you are done.
  11. If someone has sent you an EXE or VBS file in email, do not open it.
  12. Do not login to every website with the same email id
  13. Install only those apps on your phone which are available on official websites like Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store.
  14. Keep Antivirus Updates on Computer and Phone
  15. If you feel that some kind of online fraud has happened to you, then inform it to the police immediately.
If you have such tips to protect our data from cyber fraud, you can share with us by commenting.


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