How to use Gmail app to change password of Google account?

Your Gmail ID is also your Google Account and if you forget your Google Account password, you will not be able to access your Gmail account.

What would you do if you forget your Google Account password?

In such a situation, first of all check in your mobile phone whether the Gmail app is working in your phone or not. If the login on Gmail app is working properly then you can easily change the password.

How to change Google account password using Gmail app

  • Open the Gmail app on your phone and tap on the User Profile icon

जीमेल ओपन करे और यूजर प्रोफाइल आइकॉन पर tap करे

  • Next, tap on 'Manage your Google Account'
  • And then, inside the Security option, you have to open the Password option.

Under Securit tab, go to Password
  • After this you have to log in to your Gmail account with your current password.
  • On the next screen you will see two boxes to set your new password
You have to enter new password in box boxes
  • Keep in mind that the password which is written in the above box, write the same password in the box below.
  • After entering the password, press the 'Change password' button
  • In this way, your Gmail and Google account password will be changed


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