How to create a Presentation in PowerPoint

To create a PowerPoint presentation on your computer, first start PowerPoint and you will see the start page.

This is the image of PowerPoint start page on a computer screen

If you want to create a presentation from scratch, you can click on Blank Presentation. If you want, you can also create a presentation by clicking on any of the themes given next to 'Blank Presentation'.

How to create presentation in PowerPoint

To create a new presentation in Powerpoint, click on Blank Presentation. You will see the presentation window of PowerPoint.

When you click Blank Presentation, you will see this PowerPoint presentation window.

Click on Click to add title and write the topic of the presentation. Like - if you have to prepare a presentation on 'Business Communication', then you can write 'Business Communication' in the box titled Click to add.

Click on Click to add subtitle and write any information related to the presentation or topic. Like - in the subtitle for Business Communication topic, you can write 'How to communicate in a business?'.

type the topic of presentation in Title and any related information about the topic to Subtitle

A page in Powerpoint is called a slide. If you want to take another slide, then you have to click on New Slide and the new slide will be added.

To add new page, click New Slide

New Slide will look like this

The new slide will look like this

Now in this new slide, you can write content related to your topic and add more slides like this.

In the new slide, add content related to the topic of the presentation

How to insert image in PowerPoint

To add an image in Powerpoint, go to the Insert tab and click on Pictures. When you click on Pictures, you will see two options - This Device and Online Pictures.

If you already have a photo on your computer and want to use it in your presentation, click on 'This Device'.

If you want to add a photo by searching online, then click on 'Online Pictures'.

In this post, I am telling you how to add image using 'This Device' method.

When you click on 'This Device', you will see the Insert Picture window. Now find and select the photo you want to add to the presentation in this window.

In the Insert Pictures window, locate and select the photo to add to the presentation

फोटो सेलेक्ट करने के बाद, Insert बटन पर क्लिक करे और फोटो प्रेजेंटेशन स्लाइड में ऐड हो जाएगी।

The photo will be added to the presentation

How to add animation in a PowerPoint presentation

We can also add animation to make our presentation more attractive. Animation can be applied on any text, picture (photo), table etc. To apply animation, go to Animations tab.

In our presentation, we will apply animation to title and subtitle in the first slide. To apply animation to title, select the title text box and click on Add Animation.

In Animations tab, click Add Animation to see list of effects.

You will see animation effects with Entrance, Emphasis and Exit. You can select any effect from these effects. If we have to apply Fade effect in title text box, then click on Fade inside Entrance and this effect will be applied on text box.

If you want to see which animation effects you have applied in the slide, then you click on Animation Pane and you will see all the effects in the window of Animation Pane on the right side.

Click Animation Pane to see all the animation effects applied on the slide.

Presentation Slide Show

Slide Show is a feature of Power Point which shows the presentation in full screen. To view a slide show of your presentation, click the Slide Show button before the zoom controls. By doing this, you will know how the presentation will appear to the audience.

Click Slide Show button placed before Zoom controls to view presentation in full screen.

How to Save PowerPoint Presentation

To save your PowerPoint presentation, click on the File tab and click on Save As.

To save the presentation, go to File tab and click Save As.

After clicking on Save As, you will see the Browse button, click on it and you will see the Save As window.

click Browse button and you will see Save As window.

Now here you have to tell where you want to save your presentation on your computer. For this, select the location in the computer, I am going to save the presentation inside the Documents folder. After selecting the location, you have to write the name in the File name: box, by which name you want to save your presentation. And after that, leave Save as type: as PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx).

After typing the name of the file, click on the Save button and the PowerPoint presentation created by you will be saved.

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