What is a Computer device? Types of Computer devices

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What is a Computer device?

Any part of a computer that you can physically touch is a computer device or computer hardware. Although there are many types of computer devices, the most popular according to modern computers are - input devices, output devices, storage devices, and networking devices.

Every computer device requires a computer software to function and such software is called a device driver.

You must have experienced that after connecting the printer to your laptop or computer, the printer does not work and, after installing the software from the CD that comes with the printer, it starts printing. Printer is an output device and it needs its software to function properly, this printer software is device driver which works as a communication medium between the printer and the computer system.

Modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, are already equipped with a lot of device drivers that support most computer devices and you don't need to install the software additionally. With this kind of feature, when you connect a new device to your computer, the device is recognized and starts working.

Types of Computer Device

There are mainly four types of computer devices that we see and use.

Input Device

Devices like keyboard, mouse, microphone that you use to send data to the computer are called input devices. We use a keyboard to enter alphabets, numbers, characters on a computer. We use a microphone to send our voice to the computer.

Camera, joystick, scanner, barcode reader are also some examples of input devices.

Output Device

Any computer device through which you get data is called an output device. The words we type using computer keyboard, we see them through monitor, so monitor is an output device. We listen to audio through speakers, so speakers are output devices.

Printer, plotter, projector are also examples of output devices.

Storage Device

Storage devices are devices that are used to store data either permanently or temporarily. Storage devices are also called memory devices.

RAM, hard disk, pen drive, memory card are some examples of storage devices.

Networking Device

Any device that is used to link two or more devices together is a networking device or computer networking device.

For example: A Wi-Fi card in a laptop allows a computer to connect to other laptops, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, etc. So a Wi-Fi card is a networking device.


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