What is Software? Types of Software


A software can be defined as a set of computer programs that is developed for a purpose. The software developers or programmers writes lines of codes to make computer programs.
If you still couldn’t get what I meant by saying the above lines about software, don’t worry. For now, just understand a software as the apps you install on your smartphone.

There are mainly two types of Software: system software and application software.

Types of Software

System Software – A system software tells a computer how to work. When you power ON a computer or restart it, you see the brand name on the screen. It means that there is something on the computer that runs just after the computer starts and shows you that brand name. That happens because of a software running on the computer. You may have notice this on your phone as well.

A computer device requires a software to function and the softwares made for video cards, audio cards, USB ports etc. known as device drivers. Another example of a system software is operating system like Windows 10, Ubuntu, Macintosh. You require an operating system to operate a computer and install other programs as per your requirement.

An operating system manages all the major functions of a computer system. When a computer starts, the operating system checks if all the required computer parts are connected or not. It allows you to create files and folders. You can also create one or more user profiles on a computer to provide security to your data. It also checks if other software you are installing is compatible with the connected computer device or not.

Application Software – You might have heard about software like Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw; these are examples of application software. An application software allows you to directly work on it and do a specific task. For example: You directly work on Photoshop to edit images, you use Microsoft Word to create a document file. The other names for application software are App, Program, Application.

Difference between System Software and Application Software

System SoftwareApplication Software
Used for operating computer hardware.Used by user to perform specific task.
Interface between computer system and application software.Runs on platform provided by system software.
Can run independently.Can’t run without system software.
Computer can’t run without system software.Computer can run without application software.
System software runs when computer starts and stops when computer is turned OFF.Application software starts and stops when user request for it.
Example: Windows 10, Realtek Audio DriverExample: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop

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