What are the basic Interview Skills?

To get a job, every job seeker has to go through an interview and one must know the following interview skills that play very important role for an interview. These five interview skills are also the basic skills that an employer expects from a candidate to be its employee.

Basic Interview Skills

  1. Punctual – An employer will never want an employee who comes late for the work or does its job always late. Interview is the last hiring process after which it is going to be decided that you will get the job or not. If you are late for an interview, the employer may think that you are not punctual to time and you may also be late to office for your work.
  • Advise: Be on time for any interview.
  1. Look – When we meet a person, we first go through its look. The employer is going to meet you for the first time in an interview. If you come in dirty clothes, unbuttoned shirt, too much jewelries etc., the employer may not feel good about it. Your bad look may make others feel bad. The employer will not want its company’s environment bad because of you. You do not need to buy new clothes, you can just clean and iron your old clothes before you wear it for an interview.
  • Advise: Dress well and look good.
  1. Behavior – With your look, your behavior does matter a lot. The employer will always want its employees to be friendly and polite with others. If you are a person with bad behavior, you may disturb the good environment in the company so you will not be hired in the interview.
  • Advise: Behave good when you are there for the interview.
  1. Preparation – You must know how to reach your interview location and how much time it will take to reach there. You must have your resume copy ready. You must have extra copies of all your educational documents, experience letter(if any), passport size photographs. Any thing that you can think may be required on the day of your interview, you must be ready with that.
  • Advise: Prepare well before the day of the interview.
  1. Happy face – When you look sad, other person also feels sad. Understand that the interviewer is asking the questions to know you and your interest for the job. If you look dull or sad, he may feel that you are not interested for the job and will stop asking questions. When you look happy, the interviewer will feel that you are confident, well prepared and interested for the job.
  • Advise: Be with happy face during the interview.

Now, you know the most important basic interview skills you must have. Just work on these and good luck for your next interview.

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