Word 2016 Tutorial: Word Document Window

Before we start entering text into document, first we’ll go through the different sections of the Microsoft Word Document Window.

Title Bar

Title Bar tells you about the document name and type of application you’re working on. In the image above you can see Document1-Word, it says the name of the document is ‘Document1’ and you’re working on ‘Word’ application.


Tabs give you the options to explore more options to do your task in Word document. When you open Word 2016, you get File tab, Home tab, Insert tab, Design tab, Layout tab, References tab, Mailings tab, Review tab, View tab. We can also add or remove tabs, if we require to do so.

Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar is above File tab and you can keep all your most frequently used commands like Save, Undo, Redo here. This is very helpful as you can access the commands here directly. You do not need to look for the commands under tabs and using the commands from this toolbar also saves your time.


A group is a collection of commands for a purpose. Every tab includes few groups that you can use for different purpose. Home tab includes Clipboard group, Font group, Paragraph group, Styles group and Editing group. Like Home tab, you’ll find various groups under other tabs.

Dialog box Launcher

In some groups, you’ll find a very small box with an arrow – this box is called as Dialog box launcher. When you click this box, you get more options related to the group.

Ruler Bar

Ruler Bar in a Word document is to help you set the page margins of the document. You’ll find rulers on top and left side of the page. If rulers are not shown, you can go to View tab to turn on Ruler.

Document Page

Document Page is the area where you enter texts, add images, draw shapes and add everything you want to see in the printed paper.

Status Bar

Status Bar is at the bottom left of the document window. It shows the number of words you have entered in the document and also the page number you are working on.

View buttons

Word 2016 provides your three view buttons at the document window. They are Read mode, Print Layout and Web Layout. You can find these view buttons at bottom right of the document window near Zoom controls.

Zoom controls

In Word 2016, you get direct option for doing zoom-in and zoom-out the page. You can control the zoom percentage of page using these Zoom controls. You can either drag the slider or click + and – button to control the zooming.

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