This is how you can find your Strength and Weakness

Strength and Weakness

At almost every interview you appear for, the interviewer asks you about your strength and some also ask about your weakness. When you create your resume, you should mention your strength and weakness. This helps the interviewer to understand how much you know about yourself.

Most of the youngsters today have no idea about their strength and weakness and they also never think about these. When they have to mention these in their resume, they copy from other person’s resume. And during interview, when interviewer asks them about their strength and weakness, they get confused and are not able to answer about their strength and weakness.

Please note that the interviewer asks you such questions only to know you better and how you will benefit the company.

If you have yet not thought about your strength and weakness, follow the technique I am going to tell you here to find your strength and weakness.

Firstly, find a place where you can sit peacefully. A peaceful place at your home can be your bedroom, floor or a garden. Now, write on a paper about what good qualities you think you have and also write what bad qualities you think you have. You can write in following format.

Good about me

  • I can sing well.
  • I am good with general knowledge.
  • I know how to play a guitar.
  • I play cricket pretty well.

Bad about me

  • I feel shy to speak in front of people.
  • I never complete my work on time.
  • I am always late to office.

So far, you have thought about you. Now, you need to think and write about what your parents, brothers and sisters say about you. If are not able to think for any point, talk to your family and ask them what they say good and bad about you.

After that, you should think what your school teacher say about you. A teacher is like a parent for you at your school who tells you your good things to encourage you and bad things so that you can improve on them. Write down the words or sentences your teacher says to you.

And, now you should make a note of what your friends say to you or talk about you or gossip about you. We are less at home and more with our friends. We also share those things with our friends that we do not find comfortable sharing with our family.

After getting all the above points, now is the time to find the compare the good and bad points about you. You would notice that there would be some good points that others had said bad about you and there would be some bad points that others had said good about you. Now, find the common good points and bad points about you. The common good points are your strengths and bad points are your weaknesses.

This way, you know your strength and weakness.

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