How to use Text Box in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, you can write text using below four methods:

  1. Type directly on the document page.
  2. Use Shapes like rectangle, circle etc. and edit the shape to add text inside it.
  3. By inserting Textbox; you can also find textbox inside Shapes.
  4. You can also write text using WordArt.

Before I tell you how to use text box, you should know what a text box is.

What is a Text box?

A text box is a container that allows us to write text inside the box. When we move the text box, the text inside the box also moves with it and we can place it at any position in the document page.

A text box is also a part of Shapes so we can apply the formatting styles that are available for a Shape and also the text inside the box.

Now let’s see how we can use a text box in a document page.

Adding a text box

  • Go to Insert tab and look for Text Box option available at the right side of Header and Footer.
  • Click Text Box and you’ll get a drop-down.
click Draw text box
  • When you see the mouse pointer changes to a big +, left-click on the page and drag to right side to draw a text box.
create text box
  • After creating the text box, release the mouse and you’ll see the text insertion point inside the text box. Now, you can start typing your text in the text box.
Type your text inside the text box

Change text box alignment

You can use alignment for a text box with two purposes. One is to apply the alignment to the box and another is – apply the alignment to the text inside the box. We’ll see both here.

  • First, select the text box by a single left-click on the border line of the box.
  • Now, go to Format tab and click Align Text.
  • When you expand Align Text, you’ll get three options: Top, Middle and Bottom.
  • If you click Top, the text inside the text box will be placed at the top level.
  • When you click Middle, the text will appear at the middle of the text box, and
  • when you select Bottom, the text will be at the bottom level text box.
text align options
  • I’m selecting Bottom and you can see the text appears at the bottom level.
text inside text box aligned bottom level
  • Nox, to change the alignment of the text box, go to Home tab and use the Alignment – Left, Center, Right and Justify. I’ve selected Center and here is how the text box appears.
align text box centered

Formatting text box

In this part, we’ll see how to style the text box we have created. For this, first select the text box and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Format tab and here you will find Shape Styles and WordArt Styles groups.
Text Box Format tab
  • Shape Styles – Use the options here to change background color (Shape Fill) and border color (Shape Outline) of the text box.
  • WordArt Styles – Use this to change text color (Text Fill) and text border color (Text Outline).
  • Now, to change the background color of the text box, go to Shape Fill and select a color from the color palette.
select Shape Fill
  • I have selected Dark Blue color and next, go to Shape Outline to expand its options.
text box shape outline
  • Select a color (I’ve selected Yellow) and when you exapnd Weight, you’ll see thin to thick lines. Select a thick line, this will make the border line of the text box thicker.
text box shape color applied
  • Like we saw applying Shape Styles options, you can try applying WordArt Styles. Please note – WordArt Styles will apply on the text inside the text box.

I would recommend you to try the steps mentioned in this article and let me know if you get into any trouble.

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