Excel 2016 Tutorial: Sort and Filter a Table data in Excel

In this lesson, we’re going to work on the table we created in previous lesson. So, we have this table below:

table for sort and filter

In case you do not see the filter arrow buttons, you can look for Sort & Filter option at the far right side, and click the arrow and select Filter to apply filter buttons on the table.

select filter

How to sort column alphabetically

Sorting data means arranging the data in a specified order. The order may be alphabetically like A to Z or Z to A. We can apply ascending and descending order sorting on numerical data.

  • Click the filter arrow to expand the options.
  • From the menu options, if you want to arrange the column data from A to Z order, select Sort A to Z.
  • To arrange the column data from Z to A order, select Sort Z to A.
column sorted Z to A.
First column sorted in Z to A order

How to filter data

Filtering data means viewing only the data that we want to view and hide other data. Let’s see how we apply filter data on our table.

Suppose, we want to see record for only Shalu and Rashmi. As Shalu and Rashmi are under column Name, we’ll click the filter arrow to expand the options and click

select only Rashmi and Shalu
  • From the menu options, under Select All, select only Rashmi and Shalu, then click OK and we’ll get the table data with only records of Rashmi and Shalu.
Records of only Rashmi and Shalu.
Viewing records of only Rashmi and Shalu

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