How can you save a web page as PDF in Google Chrome?

We read articles, news, user guides, tutorials in the internet. We may require to save a web page as PDF in our phone or computer. Saving a web page as PDF allows us to read offline. We can also share the saved PDF web page with others. Google Chrome is available in all the android phones and ,as per a survey, it takes 69% market share for desktop internet browser. Chrome offers similar tools in desktop and mobile browser app. We’ll now see how we can save a web page as PDF in Chrome browser.

First open the website in Google Chrome that you want to save to your phone or computer. I’m going to open one of this blog’s previous post about recovering unsaved files of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Save web page as PDF in Android phone

Click the 3 dots line at the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

click three dots line at top right corner

You’ll see a list of options. Click Share.

click Share

When you click ‘Share’, you’ll see a lot of options that you can use to share on your phone. Click Print.

click print icon

When you click ‘Print’ icon, you’ll the web page and above the page Save as PDF selected. Also, you’ll see a button with Save icon at the right side.

click save to save web page as pdf

Click the ‘Save’ icon button and you’ll get option to enter the file name for the PDF file and click Save. This way, you have saved the web page as PDF on your phone.

Save web page as PDF in PC

On the Chrome desktop browser, click the three dots at the top right corner.

click three dots top right corner in chrome pc

Chrome will show you a list of options, click Print.

click Print

In the ‘Print’ window, you will see Save as PDf selected in Destination in the right side of the window and a Print Preview at the left side of the window.

check Destination as Save as PDF

Now, click Save button to save the file as PDF with the file name you want.

So far you have known how you can use Google Chrome to save a web page in PDF file on your phone and computer. Try the steps on your phone or computer and share your feedback through comments.

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