How to recover unsaved files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

Microsoft Office has a feature AutoRecover for its all applications that can help you recover unsaved files that you accidentally close without saving. This option is also helpful when our computer crashes or reboots automatically. However, AutoRecover can recover the unsaved versions of your work only if it was ON earlier. So, I will recommend you to check the settings for AutoRecover in the Microsoft Office installed in your computer.

Check if AutoRecover is ON or OFF

To access the settings for AutoRecover, you can open any Office app in your computer. For this article, I’m showing you how to access it in Microsoft Word.

First, open Microsoft Word and then go to Options.

go to ms word options

In the Word Options window, click Save and check the options for AutoRecover as red marked in the image below.

As you can in the image above, the AutoRecover is set for 10 minutes, it means Microsoft Word will save our work at every 10 minutes while we are working on Word. You can also set it for 5 minutes or other duration as per your wish.

The other checkbox option is to keep a copy of the AutoRecover version, if we close without saving. So, if you want to recover your work when the computer reboots suddenly or you close the file mistakenly then keep this option checked.

You’ll have to open and set the AutoRecover settings individually for Excel and PowerPoint. The process to access AutoRecover is same for all the applications in Microsoft Office.

Now, let’s see the steps to recover the unsaved files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Recover unsaved Word document

To recover your unsaved work in Microsoft Word, start Word in your computer and click on Open.

recover unsaved documents

At the bottom right side, you can see Recover Unsaved Documents, click on it and it will show you the list of unsaved document files.

list of unsaved documents

Select the unsaved file and click Open to see your unsaved work in Microsoft Word.

Recover unsaved Excel workbook

When you start Microsoft Excel and click Open, you’ll find Recover Unsaved Workbooks.

recover unsaved excel file

When you click ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks’, it will show you a list of unsaved versions of your work in Excel that you can select and click Open to view the file.

Recover unsaved presentations

In Microsoft PowerPoint, we create presentations so when you start PowerPoint and click Open, you’ll find Recover Unsaved Presentations.

recover unsaved presentations

Click ‘Recover Unsaved Presentations to see the list of unsaved presentation files that you can select to open in PowerPoint.

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