PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial: Printing Presentation Slides

After you have put all your effort in creating an effective presentation, now you want to take print of all your presentation that has many slides and notes. PowerPoint allows your full flexibility in printing the slides and notes.

Let’s see the process to print slides and notes in PowerPoint.

To print slides

  • Go to File tab and click Print.
PowerPoint Print settings
  • You can see the slides are appearing at the right side, however, Notes section is not appearing here.
  • You can click the next slide arrow at the status bar to see the next slide.
  • Now, under Settings there are few options that we can set.
  • When you click Print All Slides, you’ll see a menu showing you more options.
print settings for slides
  • If you want to print all the slides in the presentation, select Print All Slides.
  • Print Selection allows to print only the selected slides.
  • To print only the current slide, click Print Current Slide.
  • If you want to print specific slides like slide1, slide3 and slide4 then you can click Custom Range and you’ll get a text box where you can enter the slide numbers in Slides that you want to print.
  • After setting up the slide numbers, next you have to click Full Page Slides and you’ll more options.
powerpoint print layout-handouts
  • Under Handouts, you have the options to select if you print 1 slide in 1 page or 2 slides in 1 page.
  • If you want to print Notes, you can click Notes Pages under Print Layout.
select Notes Pages
  • Under Printer, click the drop-down and select the printer connected to the computer.
select printer connected to the computer
  • Once, you have done the settings and set the printer name, click Print button with printer icon at the top.

To print slides to PDF

  • In the Printer drop-down menu, select Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Click Print button and it will open Save Print Output As window.
Save PPT to PDF
  • Enter the filename and click Save button.
  • Now, PowerPoint will save the presentation to PDF format.

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