Excel 2016 Tutorial: Printing Excel Sheets

Excel gives you full control on how you want to print data from an Excel workbook. You can print all the sheets in one go or only one sheet or a part of a sheet. You can print the data that you want.

To print active sheet

  • Click File tab at the top of Excel window.
  • Click Print to see the print set up. It will also show you preview of the active sheet.
Excel print set up
  • Under Printer, you can select the name of the printer that is connected to the computer or laptop.
  • Under Settings, you can see Print Active Sheets.
  • At the bottom, we can see page numbers, I created two tables in the sheet and the other table could not fit in the first page, it is showing 2 pages here.
  • We can also change the page orientation from Portrait Orientation to Landscape.
  • You may see A4 selected, if you click this, you’ll get more options to set the paper size. To take print on a A4 paper, keep this selected.
  • You can change the page margins and scaling options as well to make the data fit on the paper as you want for printing.
  • After doing the set up, click Print button at the top that is appearing as printer icon and printer will start printing.

To print the selected data

  • Select the data that you want to print. I have selected only Table-2 for printing.
select data to print
  • Go to Page Layout, click Print Area and click Set Print Area.
  • When you set the print area, Excel will understand that you want to print only this area of data.
  • Now, go to File tab and click Print.
  • You’ll see only the data that you’d set as the print area.
  • You can now click Print button to print the data.

To print entire workbook

To print all the sheets in the workbook, go to File tab and click Print to see the print settings.

Now, under Settings, select Print Entire Workbook.

print entire workbook

Click Print button to print all the sheets in the entire workbook.

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