Word 2016 Tutorial: Opening Word document and Deleting text

To Open Word document

Method 1

  • Start Word 2016 and When Word is open on your computer you’ll see recently used document files in Recent list and one more option at the bottom Open Other Documents.
open other documents button
  • If you can see your document in Recent list, you can then click the filename to open it or Click Open Other Documents and click Browse.
  • Word will ask you to browse the file where you have saved your document file.
browse file to open
  • As we had saved the file in D:, we will go to D: and select the file MyFirstDocument.
  • Click Open button to open the document file.

Method 2

If we’ve clicked Blank Document or we’re already working in a document and now we want to open our old document file.

To open the document file –

  • Click File tab and click Open.
click Open under File tab
  • Click Browse to locate the document like we did in Method 1 above and continue further process to open the file.

Method 3

  • You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + O to get the Open window and continue locating the file to open.

Deleting text in Word

blank line in word

To delete a text

  • Click before the text you want to delete.
  • In the first line, if we want to delete letter ‘M’ from Microsoft, click before ‘M’.
click before letter M
  • You’ll notice the text insertion point is before letter ‘M’.
  • To delete ‘M’, press Delete key from the keyboard.

To delete a word

  • Double click on the word you want to delete.
  • When the word is selected, press Delete key to delete the selected word.

To delete a paragraph

  • Click three times on the paragraph you want to delete.
  • When the paragraph is selected, press Delete key.

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