Word 2016 Tutorial: Introduction to Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft company. This software comes bundled with Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Word is also known as MS-Word or Word. In this tutorial, we will be learning Word 2016.

Why Microsoft Word?

As per a survey by Spiceworks, 83% of the enterprises use Microsoft Office. Word is the leading document creating software in the market and has been in the industry for decades. Microsoft company has been continuously working on it for improvements.

Microsoft Word is available in desktop, mobile and cloud platforms. This means, you can also work on your document online from any computer or phone. You only need to have your Microsoft account.

Although Microsoft Word is a paid software to use, you’ll find this software installed in all the companies, schools, institutions etc. you go.

Use of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is full with features that you can use to do incredible things. You can use the drawing tools, picture tools and other great office related tools like SmartArt, Mail Merge. Few of the great and most common things people use Microsoft Word to do are:

  • Create a resume and job application letter.
  • Write research journals, project report.
  • Create newspaper editorial.
  • Write a book to publish in print media or online.
  • Create business cards with logo.
  • Create organization charts.

Course contents

With this introduction to Microsoft Word, we’ll explore Word 2016 tutorial more in the following course contents that you can click through clicking the links below:

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