Excel 2016 Tutorial: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes bundled with Microsoft Office Suite, developed by Microsoft Corporation. It comes with features like calculation, chart tools, pivot table and pivot charts, macro programming using Visual Basic for Application.

When you open Microsoft Excel, you see a grid of cells that look like a table where you enter values to perform calculations. Like Word, you’ll Excel installed in every computer system.

Use of Excel

Because of the calculation, data analysis and application creation abilities of Excel, all the organizations use Excel. Here, I have listed down few of the common uses that you should know Excel can do.

  • perform basic calculations like addition, multiplication, average etc.
  • search values in a table with functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP
  • create charts from table data and you can show it with different available charts like pie chart, line chart, column chart etc.
  • generate pivot table and pivot charts to perform data analysis
  • protect the sheet or workbook to secure the data
  • create templates that other departments in the project can use.
  • link with other Microsoft programs like Word, PowerPoint, Access etc.

The above was a list of few of the works that you can do with Excel. Every industry uses Excel as a tool for data analysis to check the performance about the company and its products.

Excel is also used to generate financial and accounting reports. The accountants use it create a company’s profit and loss, balance sheet and other accounting related reports.


Let’s explore more on Excel through this course where we’ll cover the following topics.

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