IDM – The Best Video Downloader for Windows 10 PC

You may have tried plenty of online video downloader to download videos from video streaming websites like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix etc. Many of them allow you to download videos only from Youtube and many of them allow video downloading from most of the websites except Youtube. I can assure you that there is nothing better than Internet Download Manager (IDM), if you are running Windows 10 computer.

I’ve used more than 20 video downloaders and have found IDM as the best video downloader available for dekstop computers. IDM is the only video downloader that supports direct video downloading from YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix. And I am sure that, with IDM, you can downlaod videos from almost any website that you may know.

Reasons why IDM is the best video downloader
  • Supports YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, SonyPix, Metacafe and almost all the video streaming websites.
  • Automatically detects videos on the webpage and shows you ‘Download this video’ link with the available video qualities.
  • Download videos, audios, documents and almost several other file formats.
  • You can also download complete websites.
  • Feature to schedule the download queues.

You can download Internet Download Manager by visiting the download page.

How to download a video with IDM

One you’ve installed IDM on your computer, you have to open the web browser and go to the website from where you want to download the video. For example: I open a video on YouTube.

IDM video download links

Just at the top right corner in the video, you will see ‘Download this video’ link appearing. When you click this, you will see a list of links to download the video in different available formats and video qualities.

To download and save the video to your computer, click on the video format with its quality and you’ll get a message box to download and locate where you want to save the vidoe file.

save idm video

Click Start Download button and IDM will start downloading the video file and you’ll see the downloading progress like this:

downloading video progress

Once, the downloading is complete, you’ll get the message box to open the video and you can play the video on your computer with any media player.

Download files with copied URL

You can also download a file by copying its URL. This method does not work on video files. You can use this method to download audio files, documents, images etc.

Let’s see how we can copy an image URL and download using IDM to save to our computer.

First search an image and open it. In this article, I open an image from our Facebook page @lmskillsacademy

On the image, do right-click and you’ll find several options. To copy the image URL, click Copy image address.

copy image URL

Now, you have copied the image URL so open IDM on your computer and click Add URL option given at the first.

add URL

When you click ‘Add URL’, you will get a new window and see that a URL is already pasted in the Address section. This is the URL that you have just copied.

Now, to download the copied URL file, click OK button and it will start downloading the file.

I hope you find this article helpful. You can also explore our videos uploaded on our YouTube channel named LMSkillsAcademy and subscribe the channel so you can get update on every new video upload.

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