How to Use Excel Spreadsheet in Word

There are many times, we use Excel to create table, charts and then copy them to a Word document for our project report. Going to Excel, doing copy and paste for every time will definitely take our time and this time can be saved, if we can open Excel inside Word. Wouldn’t you feel glad if you can do that? I’m sure you would.

Microsoft Word allows you to work in Excel spreadsheet without you opening Excel application. You can do calculation, create table, create charts etc. without going to the process of opening Excel.

How would you that? Don’t worry. We’ll see that in this article now.

After you’ve opened Microsoft Word document, to use Excel sheet in Word:

  • Go to Insert tab, click Table and click Excel Spreadsheet.
  • You’ll find Excel sheet added in the Word document, also the Excel tabs at the top.
Excel sheet in Word
Excel Spreadsheet in Word document
  • Now, you can do calculation, create charts etc. like you do in Excel.
Chart in Excel inside Word
Chart created in Excel sheet inside Word
  • Once you have done your work in the sheet, click outside the sheet area, and you’ll be back with Word tabs.

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