How to Start Meeting in Google Meet App

Google is known to have been working to make our life easier and that’s reason you’ll find varieties of products developed by Google. Understanding the current situation of pandemic, Google has made its meeting app – Google Meet free for all the users, it was earlier available only for G-Suite users.

Let’s see how to use Google Meet for starting a new meeting. You also watch this video below that covers installation process, start new meeting and leave meeting. Incase you don’t want to watch the video, you can continue reading to go through the step by step instuctions to use Google Meet on your phone.

To use Google Meet app on your phone, you only need your Google account and install the Google Meet app from this link: Install Google Meet app

After you have installed the app on your phone, just follow the steps below to start a meeting on the Meet app.

Start Meeting in Google Meet App

  • Open Meet app on your phone.
  • Continue with the instructions to allow Meet to access your phone’s camera and microphone.
  • Now, to start a meeting, click New meeting and it will give you a meeting link.
start meeting
  • Share the meeting link with the people who have to join your meeting.
  • You’ll have the access to see all the participants who have joined your meeting, also you can send text to them using the Message section.
  • If you want to share your phone screen with the participants, back to the main screen and you’ll see Present and Rejoin.
click Present to share screen
  • Click Present and continue, it will start sharing your phone screen with all the participants in the meeting.
  • Please note that when you are sharing the screen of your phone, the participants will not be able to see you. They can only see your phone’s screen.
  • If you want to stop screen share, just click Stop sharing and screen sharing will stop and to rejoin the meeting, click Rejoin button.
  • To exit from the meeting, you can scroll the notification bar from the top and click LEAVE MEETING.
click Leave Meeting to exit from the meeting
  • That’s it and enjoy the meeting.

I hope you liked the article and now you know how to start a new meeting in Google Meet app.

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