How to find only free courses on Udemy

Udemy, since it started in 2009, has grown up very fast and become popular among the students and professionals who want to share their learning online. Udemy, being one of the largest online learning platform, competes with other online learning providers like edX and Coursera.

Though there are many courses on Udemy’s website, however, all of them are not available for free. Students have to register on the website and pay for the courses they want to learn. Udemy also allows professionals to earn money from their courses but there are professionals who do not want you to register for many of their courses. With this, Udemy also allows students to learn from the available free courses and you must give a look on these free courses.

When you search for courses on the website, you usually see a list of courses in front of you. Many of these courses are paid and many are free, but, how are you going to identify which one is free? Don’t worry! I’m here to tell you that trick so you’ll always be able to see the list of only free courses that are available on Udemy.

To find free courses on Udemy

  • Firstly, visit Udemy website. Look for Categories.
  • If you’re using desktop computer or laptop, you’ll find Categories at the left of the Search box.
  • If you’re on mobile phone, you’ll see a three horizontal line at the left of the search button.
  • Click Categories to expand the menu and see list of categories available. Click on the sub-categories to see more specific courses available.
  • Let’s say we want to see all the Digital Marketing courses. For this, navigate Marketing>Digital Marketing>All Digital Marketing.
  • Now, you will be on Digital Marketing Courses page. Scroll down to see the options Filter, Ratings, Video Duration below which you’ll see list of courses with their price.
  • Click Filter option and you’ll see a lot of option to select from. Under Price, select Free and then click Done button.
  • Udemy will show you all the Digital Marketing courses that are available for free.

I hope you’d liked this article and take advantage of Udemy’s free courses to upgrade your skills.

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