How to Create English Environment at home?

We know that English is the most spoken international language to communicate easily with people from any part of the world. English is the easiest language in the world. Comparing with other languages, we can learn English language more quickly. People at the beginning think that English is the toughest language to learn and give up early while learning the language. They also give up practicing to learn speaking in English. The students whose parents are not educated find no body at their home to speak in English with and so they don’t practice. They think only areas like school or college classrooms, training institutes can give them the environment where they can speak in English. I always advise the students to create English environment at their home.

Nowadays, it’s very important for us to know how to communicate in English with others. It not only helps us in improving our career but also helps us improve our connection with more people we meet in our social life.

5 ways to create English environment at home

  1. Start with watching or listening audio clip/songs or movies in English language at home.
  • A new born baby, who doesn’t know any language, starts learning a language by listening and observing the words spoken by his/her parents or people around him/her. The child understands the language day by day and keep trying to talk. Initially the child makes only sounds but as days go on the child starts speaking in very few words. The child tries to copy what other people in front of him/her speaks.
  • So, start with Listening skills by watching TV, Movies, and Songs in English language with English subtitle without dubbed in Hindi or any native language for your initial time period. It will help you understanding English words.
  1. Read newspapers, articles on regular basis loudly at home.
  • Whatever you like as per your interest, you can read a novel, a comic book, a magazine, a newspaper etc. If you’ve any interest in Makeup, Bollywood, Hollywood, Engineering, News etc. you can read any article related to these things. Reading will help you know the spellings of words you know and also you’ll learn new words. You will understand how to order the words while making sentences. When you read loud, your ears listen the words you speak and it helps you remember the words.
  1. Talk to you and record.
  • No one will always be with you. You have to believe that your friends, parents and relatives may not be with you everywhere, every time. If you want to learn, you have to create the environment of learning yourself.
  • Speak and record your audio and video. Watch your video and listen how you are pronouncing a word or a letter. This will help you understand how you speak and where you need to work for improvement.
  • We all have phones with audio recording feature. There are also smartphones you can use to do video recording. So, start doing it with recording. You can also do an act in English language at your home and watch it later to observe how you performed.
  • You can also use the old method of talking in front of mirror. This is a very effective method for speaking with making eye contact. If you’re able to speak in front of mirror, you’ll be able to speak in front of people.
  1. Create your Word Wall and use it.
  • Write down the words you already know in English. You can see the items at your home and write down their names. You can make a list of words you know related to kitchen items, bath items, home decor etc. Doing this boost your confidence level by making you realize that you already know so many words in English. Now, use these words when you talk to your brothers, sisters, friends or relatives.
  1. Involve your parents while speaking English even if they’re not educated.
  • Our parents are our first friend than anybody else in the world. They care for us even when we were not born. They used to talk to us even when we were not able to say a single letter. So, speak in front of your parents in English. They will listen to you even when you make mistakes. They might not be educated like you but they will feel happy for you.
  • If you want to create the environment for speaking English language at your home, you must converse with your parents, it doesn’t matter they know English language or not. This will also help them learn some words in English.

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