How to create new Gmail account

Gmail is an email client developed by Google company and when you create your gmail account, this also becomes your Google account that you can use in all the Google products.

Why should you have a Gmail account?

Having an email account on Gmail brings a lot of advantages to you. With your Gmail ID, you can access all the Google products like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Googl Drive, Google Hangouts etc.

Gmail also has one of the best spam detection mechanism. It automatically identifies any spam on your gmail account and moves it out of Inbox. You’ll also see many websites today offers login with your Google account.

If you are using an Android smartphone, Google asks you to create a Google account. With your gmail account, you can use your Android phone and access the apps available in Google PlayStore.

How to create a new email account on Gmail

The first step is to visit so you’ll see a small form like this:

click create account

Click Create account and it will give you two options:

  1. For myself
  2. To manage my business

To create your personal email account, select For myself. You’ll see another form where you have to fill your details.

fill your details in the form like gmail user id, password

In the Username box, type only the ID that you want to use for your gmail account. You can give your username with mix of letters, numbers & dots. You do not need to add, it will automatically be added.

Type the password in the last two boxes, the password should match in both boxes.

Once you’ve filled all the details in the form, click Next button.

If the username you entered is not available for use, Gmail will show you with an error like you can see in the image below:

gmail username not available error

When you get such error, you’ll have to enter a new username till Gmail accepts your username. Once, the username is accepted, you’ll get the next page where it will ask you enter few more details.

enter your date of birth, gender

In the image above, you can see it says Phone number is optional. Sometimes it may mandate to enter your phone number as a security procedure. It is always better to enter your phone number, it helps in recovering your Google account when you forget your password.

Enter your date of birth and other details and click Next button. You’ll see a Privacy and Terms page. You can read it and scroll down to get I agree and Cancel buttons.

Click I agree button and in few seconds, you’ll see Gmail Inbox page with a welcome message.

gmail inbox welcome message

Now, if you want to see your new Gmail ID that you just created, click on the icon showing your First Name’s initial at the top-right corner as you can see in the image below.

sign out gmail

Below mynewid is your new email ID on Gmail account that you can use across all Google products.

After you have done your work, always click Sign out to exit from your Google account so other person cannot use your account on the computer.

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