How to create a logo in PowerPoint with Transparent background

When it comes to logo design, most of us think about using Photoshop or Corel Draw. In these graphic editing softwares, we can easily create designs and save with transparent background. However, I would say we do not even need to install these softwares for creating logo designs. PowerPoint is enough to do that job.

But, I understand you’re still wondering how we can save the PowerPoint slide with transparent background. You must have already tried doing that and PowerPoint would have saved the slide with a white background.

Well, let me be very fair here. PowerPoint does not allow to save the slides with transparent background. There is a trick here using which you can save the design that you create in PowerPoint with transparent background.

Why should we use PowerPoint for logo designing?

You will find PowerPoint installed in almost every computer system and most of us already know how to work on Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint has all the tools that you require to do drawings and create the shapes you want. Not only that, you can also do color correction, add text, add 3D effects and pretty more things.

Now, let’s see how can create a design in PowerPoint and save it as image with transparent background.

Creating a logo in PowerPoint

First, I will select the visible text boxes and delete with Delete key.

Now, to create a logo, I will go to Drawing group and use Oval shape. You’ll find the Drawing group in the Home tab.

Oval shape

Click the Oval shape and press left-click on the mouse in the Slide area, hold the left-click mouse button and drag to create a circle like shape.

I’m also going to add a text box in front of the circle. The Text Box is also available in the Drawing group. You can use any shape to draw what you want. After I’ve added a text box, I typed LM Skills Academy inside the text box and here is how my logo looks like in the slide.

created logo in powerpoint
Logo with White Background

Till now, we have the logo with a white background color. Now, we’ll save this slide to an image format.

Press Ctrl + S key to open Save As window and in save the file with PNG or JPG format.

save slide to png

Select Just This One from the option – All Slides, Just This One and Cancel. The slide will be saved in PNG format.

Removing the background color

After saving the file in PNG format, delete everything you see in the presentation and go to Insert tab and click Pictures. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the logo image that we saved in PNG format and insert it in the slide.
  • Go to Format tab and click Color to expand its option and click Set Transparent Color.
  • You’ll see a color selector pointer, click on the white area around the circular logo and it will remove the white background. If you designed logo on any other color background, click on the same color to remove the background color.
  • Now, right-click on the logo and click Save as Picture.
save logo as picture
  • You’ll get the Save As Picture window. Save the file; it will save the logo in PNG format with transparent background.

Now, you can open the logo file in Photoshop to check if it is really transparent or not.

open logo file in photoshop

So, finally we have the logo file with transparent background that we created in PowerPoint.

I hope this article helped you learn how to create a logo in PowerPoint and save it with transparent background.

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