How to check if your train is cancelled

Indian Railways, known as the fourth largest railway network in the world, runs the trains mostly on time. However, sometimes there are delays in trains running on time and this happens because of several reasons like no signal to move to next station, winter fog, any accident on the track etc. When the trains delay, many people cancel the trains themselves bearing the cancellation charge. When there is any uncertainty like flood, heavy rain etc. Indian Railways cancels the trains and you get the full refund.

I would advise to always check your train’s status before you board the train. Usually when there is cancellation of trains, IRCTC sends a text message on your registered mobile number. Sometimes, the message comes few days later so you should not wait for a message to come. It’s best that you check the train status yourself.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can check the cancelled trains list and confirm if your train is cancelled or not.

To check if train is cancelled

  • Click NTES. This is the official website for checking train status.
NTES Cancelled Trains
  • Click Trains Cancelled and you’ll find two options – Fully Cancelled Trains and Partially Cancelled Trains.
  • Fully Cancelled Trains – This will check if the train is fully cancelled from the train originating station to train destination station.
  • Partially Cancelled Trains – This will check if the train is cancelled between some stations.
  • Now, to check if the train is fully cancelled, click Fully Cancelled Trains and enter Train No and Start date. The start date will be train’s start date from the originating station, not your journey date.
search train and check cancelled trains
  • If your train is fully cancelled, you’ll its name in the list.
  • You can also click Partially Cancelled Trains to check if your train is cancelled between few stations.
  • If your train is not cancelled, you will not see its name in the list.

I hope you’d liked the article and if you have any query, please feel free to share through comments. You can also watch a video about checking cancelled trains. The video is in Hindi audio with English subtitles.

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