PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial: Adding Notes and Using Presenter View

Notes, also known as Speaker Notes, are very helpful when you have to do the presentation in front of people. People may not remember everything all time. When you speak in front of people and forget the next points that you wanted to say, you can take help of Notes to check the points without even your audience knowing that.

In PowerPoint, you can add notes to all the slides in your presentation. The notes are only to help the speaker during presentation to keep the communication with the audience smooth.

PowerPoint allows the speaker to hide the notes from the audience. When you present the PowerPoint presentation by connecting your laptop or computer to a projector or external monitor, your audience will only see the slides you are presenting them.

You can also take print of your notes that we’ll see in the next section about printing in PowerPoint.

Let’s now see how to add notes to the slides.

To add notes to slide

  • Click Notes in the status bar.
click Notes in the status bar
  • When you click Notes, you’ll get a text area just below the slide where you can write your notes.
write notes in the text area just below Slide
  • You can also format the notes, however, you’ll see Bold, Italic, Underline working. The text color and other formatting effect will appear when you take print of the notes.

You can also access Notes area by going to View tab and clicking Notes under Show tab.

Notes in View tab

So far, we have seen how to write notes to slide and it’s really very easy to do that. Now, let’s see how we can use Presenter View in PowerPoint to hide notes from the audience during projecting through a projector or external display.

Use Presenter View

  • Go to Slide Show tab and select the checkbox for Presenter View.
select the checkbox for Presenter view
  • When you connect your computer to a projector or external display, PowerPoint automatically detects the projection device. If you don’t see it detecting automatically, you can click the drop-down menu of Monitor and select the projecting device.
  • Press Alt + F5 key and you’ll see Presenter View on your computer. To use Presenter View on your computer, it is not mandatory to connect to a projection device.
  • On your computer, the Presenter View will look like this:
Presenter View on your computer
  • You may notice that the notes are appearing at the right side. The current slide is at the left side. We have also controls at the bottom to change the slide numbers.

Now, let’s move to the last chapter of this course about printing in PowerPoint.

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