Word 2016 Tutorial: Finding and Replacing text

Suppose you create a project report in Microsoft Word typing 6 pages in an hour. Now you realize that you misspelled a word and need to replace the word with correct word. Don’t worry – it is very easy to do in Word with its find and replace feature.

To find and replace text

  • In Home tab, under Editing group, click Replace.
select Replace
  • When you click Replace, you’ll get Find and Replace window.
  • Suppose we want to find the text ‘video’ in our document and replace it with ‘audio’.
find and replace window
  • In Find what, type ‘video’. In Replace with, type ‘audio’.
  • When you click Find Next button, it will check where the text insertion point is in the document and find the text ‘video’ at the first occurrence after the text insertion point.
  • To replace video with audio, click Replace button and it will replace the text.
  • If you want Word to replace all the ‘video’ texts in the document with ‘audio’, click Replace All to do that.
  • When you’re done, click Cancel or close the window.

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