How is a Customer Service job in a BPO company in India?

A customer service job in a BPO company is all about providing service to your company’s customers or clients to assist them with their queries or issues. In this article I am discussing about the type of work you may have to work as a customer service executive, shift timings in customer service job, salary trend in Indian BPO companies and growth you may expect from a customer service job in BPO companies.


The designation for a Non-technical customer service job in BPO companies are named as Process Associate, Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Executive, Representative, Analyst, etc.

For example – If you work in Concentrix, your position will be Representative. If you work in Amazon, your designation will be Customer Service Agent. If you are working in technical role, then your designation will be Technical Support Associate, Technical Support Agent, Technical Sales etc.


As a customer service agent, you may work in a domain like Travel, Retail, Insurance, Banking, Telecom etc.

When you work for a travel domain like Spice Jet, your work will include generating PNRs for Spice Jet customers, guide the customer in booking tickets, cancelling the tickets, issuing refund etc.

With a retail domain you may work for clients like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, your work will include guiding customer for online shopping, account password reset, issue refund, assisting customer know about its order’s status, applying gift coupon code etc.

If you work Telecom domain like Airtel Digital Television, your work will include assisting the customers’ issues related to recharge, set top box connection, channel top ups, signal issues etc.


There are basically 3 types of process where you work as Customer Service Agent and that are Voice, Non-voice and Blended.

If the company hires you for Voice process, you will have to either make calls to the customers or accept calls from the customers and help the customers with their queries or issues. This process will require you to keep headphones on your ears all the time while you are working.

If you are in a Non-voice process, you will have to either help customers via online chat or replying to customers via email.

If the company puts you in a Blended process, you will have to do all the things – calling, chat and email as per the requirement. Technical profiles usually include both calling and email.

Shift timings

As a customer service agent, you should be flexible to work in any shift timing. Mostly you’ll be working for 9 hours, however, the company may ask you to extend for more when there is a need.

Usually in India, almost all the companies follow 9 hours shift timing however there are few companies who follow 9.5 hours or 10 hours shift timing. You may have to work for 6 days or 5 days in a week. You may have to work in day time shift timings or night time.

Break timings

Whatever process and shift hours you work, you will get 1 hour break timing in total.

If you work for US client, you will get 15 minutes(short break), 30 minutes(lunch break) and 15 minutes(short break).

If you work for UK client, you will get 40 minutes(lunch break) and 20 minutes(short break).

The break of complete 1 hour may vary depending on the companies policies. Now, you would have understood that you cannot take the break more than 1 hour.


The salary in this role depends on various categories. Please read below to understand the salary you can expect as a fresher in this job.

International Client(for ex: Amazon)

  • Voice process: Rs. 12000 – Rs. 20000 per month
  • Non-voice process: Rs. 11000 – Rs. 16000 per month

Domestic Client(for ex: Airtel)

  • Voice process: Rs. 5000 – Rs. 16000 per month(higher salary is for premium process where you should be excellent in English communication)
  • Non-voice process: Rs. 9000 – Rs. 16000 per month

Career growth

BPO is today the fastest growing and never ending industry. The BPO companies are going to be as longer as the customers issues are which is never going to end.

Consulting companies like Concentrix, EXL, Teleperformance, iEnergizer, Tata Business Solutions etc. are working for multiple clients by providing workforce for different domains. Joining such consulting companies give you a job security as when one process ends, the company will most likely offer you another process to work for.

You also get varieties of domains to work for to enhance your skills. You can join the company as Customer Service Agent and then with your performance and qualification you can grow to senior level position as listed below:

  1. Customer Service Agent/ Associate/ Representative
  2. Senior Customer Service Agent/ Senior Associate/ Senior Representative
  3. Team Leader/ Subject Matter Expert
  4. Assistant Manager
  5. Operation Manager

I hope the information above should be enough to understand how to set your mind before going ahead for a customer service job in BPO companies in India.

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