Excel 2016 Tutorial: Create Charts in Excel

A Chart is a graphical representation of a tabular data and so another name for chart is graph.

It becomes difficult to analyze a large amount of table. Charts help to transform the table data to a visual form. When we see something visually, we find it easy to analyze and understand what actually is going on.

Please note that we’ll have to first create a table and then we can create chart for the table.

Here is the table I have created to use for Chart.

Table for Chart
Student’s Test Report

Now, we will see how to create chart for the above table.

To create chart

  • Click any cell in the table.
  • In Insert tab, go to Charts group and click Recommended Charts.
Go to Recommended Charts
  • Recommended Charts will show you various chart options that you can click to check what suits best for the result you want.
  • You can click All Charts to see list of all the chart types available in Excel. You’ll find Column chart, Bar chart, Pie chart etc.
select 3D Clustered Column chart type
  • To use Column chart, click Column and select the fourth chart style – 3D- Clustered Column.
  • You’ll see a chart created on the sheet.
chart created

Looking at the chart, we can quickly identify Avisha has scored the highest marks in English subject and Rohit has scored the highest in Hindi.

That’s how you can create a chart in Excel and visually understand a table data. You can also explore the different chart style options available in Design tab. This Design tab appear when you select the chart.

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