Set up Page Margins, Orientation, Paper Size

Set Page Margins

When you open a New Blank document, the text insertion point appears after leaving some space from the top and left edge of the page. These spaces are top-margin and left-margin of the page.

By default, the standard page margin set for a Word document is one-inch from top, right, bottom and left edges. You have the option to use either a predefined margin settings or set your own margin settings.

To change page margins

  • In the Layout tab, click Margins and you’ll get a drop-down menu with predefined margin settings.
  • You can click on any of the predefined margin settings to check if it set ups the page margins as per your need. If you wish, you can also click Custom Margins to set up your own size for margins.
  • When you click Custom Margins, you’ll get a Page Setup window and see Margins.
  • Enter values for Margins in cm and click OK to apply these margins settings on the document page.

Page Orientation

In Microsoft Word, you can set up orientation of a page in two ways: Portrait and Landscape.

Types of Page Orientation

To change page orientation

  • Go to Layout tab and click Orientation, you’ll get two options – Portrait and Landscape.
  • The default orientation is Portrait. You can click Landscape to change the page orientation to landscape.

Paper Size

After you write your content, you may need to take print out of the page. Mostly people take print out in A4 size papers, however, you may need to take the prints in other paper size like A3 or A5.

Word offers you option to select the paper size before taking print so you won’t require to change the margins for most commonly used papers.

To change paper size

  • In the Layout tab, you’ll see Size option. Click on it and you’ll get a drop-down menu with different available paper sizes.
  • You can click any paper size listed here and the margins will change as per the paper size. If you wish, you can specify your own paper size by clicking More Paper Sizes option.