Printing Word document

Word allows you to take print out of the document through a printer and if you do not have a printer connected, you can save the document to PDF format to print later.

Before you take print, make sure the printer is connected to the computer. For some printers to work, a software that comes with printer needs to be installed in the computer.

To print document

  • Click File tab, this is the first tab in Word.
  • Now, click on Print button to see print related settings.
  • The Print Preview area tells how you the page will look after printing.
  • In Copies, you can set the number of copies for every page you are going to print.
  • Under Printer, you have to select the printer name through which you are going to take print out.
  • Under Settings, you can define if you want to print all the pages in the document or few pages or only current page.
  • You can also change the page orientation, paper size from here.
  • You can adjust the page margins if the content is going outside the margin area.
  • Once you’ve done the print settings, click Print button at the top showing with printer icon and the connected printer will start printing the document.

To print to PDF

This method is very useful when you do not have a printer connected. You can use this method to save the document to a PDF file and you can take the print later.

  • Under Printer, click the menu that is to select printer name.
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF and click the Print button.
  • You’ll get a Save Print Output As window. Enter the filename to save the file. Also, notice Save as type is set for PDF Document.
  • Click Save button and Word will save the document to PDF.