Formatting Paragraph

A paragraph can be of one sentence or more than one sentence. Paragraph also includes text and like text, you can use all the options available in Font group to format a paragraph.

When you work with paragraph, Paragraph group gives you more options to format the paragraph.

Open Word and write a small paragraph like this:

Use Alignment

To set paragraph Center aligned

  • Select the paragraph and click Center button.
  • You’ll see the selected paragraph aligned at the center from left and right margins.

To set paragraph Right aligned

  • Select the paragraph and click Align Right button.
  • It will set the selected paragraph aligned with the right side of margin.

To align the paragraph with Justify

  • Select the paragraph and click Justify button.
  • Selecting Justify will set the text from the left and right side of the paragraph aligned with the left and right margins.

Add Space between lines

To add space between lines

  • Click anywhere in the paragraph and go to Line and Paragraph Spacing.
  • Select the size number in points and you’ll see spaces between lines in the paragraph.

Bullets and Numbering

With Bullets and Numbering, you can create a list of names, places, items etc. You can create a list under a list.

You can also use this feature to create list of paragraphs.

To create list with symbols

  • Select the lines and go to Bullets, click the arrow to see Bullet Library.
  • Select the bullet symbol you want to use for creating list.
  • You’ll get the lines in a list with the selected Bullet symbol.

To create list with numbers or alphabets

  • Select the lines and go to Numbering, click the arrow and you’ll get Numbering Library.
  • Select number style to create list with numbers or you can select alphabet style to create list with alphabets. Let’s select a number style.
  • You’ll get the lines as list with the selected number style.