Entering text and Saving Word document

Entering text in Word document

Once you’ve opened Blank document in Word 2016, you’ll notice a | blinking – this vertical blinking line is called as text insertion point. The text insertion point tells, when you begin to type, where the text will appear in the document page.

To enter text in the page, start typing with the computer keyboard. Let’s type this sentence We are learning Microsoft Word 2016 in the page.

To type in a new line, press Enter key and you’ll get the text insertion point in a new line. If you want to keep a blank line after the current line and then type new sentence, press Enter key two times.

Now if you want to save the document with what you have typed so far, there are various ways to save a Word document.

Saving Word Document

To save Word document for first time or with a new file name

  • As you are saving the document for the first time, click File tab and click Save As.
  • You’ll see a Browse button, click on that and you’ll get Save As window.
  • Press Backspace key to remove the filename and type a filename you want to save the document with. Let’s say we are saving the document with filename MyFirstDocument.
  • Keep Save as type as Word Document (*.docx) – this is the default file extension of document file you create with Microsoft Word 2016.
  • Now, select the location in the computer where you want to save the file. You can up and down the scroll button showing on the left side to go to other locations. Let’s say we want to save the file in D:, we’ll scroll down and click D:
  • Once you are in the location, click Save button to save the document file with the filename you have given.

To save a Word document after editing a Word file

Method 1

  • Click File tab and click Save button.
  • The file will be saved.

Method 2

  • You can also press Ctrl + S shortcut key to save a word document file after you make any changes.

When you make any changes to a Word document, Word knows about it and will remind you to save it before you close the document file.

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