Add Drawing Shapes and Format Shapes

Shapes are very helpful when you have to show your creativity in design tasks like creating business cards, flyers.

You’ll find Shapes in Illustrations group under Insert tab and Shapes include drawing objects like Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Text Box and many more.

Draw Shapes

To create a line

  • Go to Insert tab and click Shapes.
  • Select Line.
  • When you select Line, you’ll notice the mouse pointer will look as a big + sign.
  • Click on the document page area where you want to draw line, hold mouse-left click and drag to left or right side.
  • Release mouse after you’ve got the required line length.

To create a Text Box

  • In Insert tab, click Shapes and go to Basic Shapes section.
  • Click Text Box.
  • Now, in the Document page, you can click and, holding mouse-left click, drag the mouse to draw a text box.

You can draw or create any shape using the methods above.

Format Shapes

To format a Line shape

  • Select the line you have created and in Format tab, go to Shape Outline.
  • Weight: You can use Weight to increase or decrease the width of the line.
  • Dashes: You can show the line in dashes form.
  • Arrow: It allows you to change the arrow style of the line.

To format a Text Box

First, create a text box and type ‘Microsoft Word’ in the text box. Now follow the steps below to format the text box.

  • To select the text box, click on the box border line.
  • In Format tab, click Shape Fill to select a text box background color palettes.
  • To change color of text inside the text box, click Text Fill and select the color.
  • You can also check Shape Outline and Text Outline to change border style of text box and text you have entered.
  • To add effects like Shadow, Reflection, 3D rotation etc. to the text box, you can check the Shape Effects and Text Effects.